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One of the salient features that the DIPS Chain of Institutions can proudly showcase, is the DIPS Educational Research and Development Board (DERDB), the institution of which has marked a paradigm shift in the methods of teaching and learning. If DIPS chain is synonymous with quality education, DERDB is the guarantee for the maintenance of that quality-which for many is easy said than done. It is the DIPS’s central agency that aims at maintaining uniformity, quality and the sanctity of the holistic approach towards all-inclusive education.

The Board is functioning under the guidance of its Controller, Shri Gulshan Gakhar, and has at present , eight members who have been designated as Subject Advisers. They are all very experienced and highly qualified persons, always ready to delve deep into the ocean of knowledge to lay their hands on pearls of wisdom to satiate the knowledge hunger of the students as well as teachers. The constitution of such a Board has so far been an exclusive idea to the DIPS Chain and is recondite to many others who have ventured into the field of education.

DERDB makes a cutting edge difference to the conventional evaluation techniques. It prepares and provides assignments and Projects exclusively designed by the expert subject advisers to help our students develop a precocious talent for future competitions. The Central Board exams no more terrify them. The schools are no more hell-holes to them because of the holistic approach that this Board propagates.

All internal examinations (FA’s , SA’s and Pre-Boards ) are conducted under the supervision of DERDB and the question papers are also prepared, printed and supplied from here so as to maintain the desired standard. The advisers also help in conducting interviews for the selection of talented and competent teachers to serve in our schools. Their in class teaching is also occasionally observed by the advisers and constructive suggestions are given. Subject workshops are also held to acquaint the teachers with effective methods of teaching to make the job more purposeful and productive. The Board has taken upon its shoulders a new responsibility in the shape of a Project for bringing out a series of Grammar books. The manuscripts of some books are ready and waiting to be printed.

Excellence is our ambition and we are moving with sturdy and resolute steps to make the DIPS Chain the envy of others.


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The chain of DIPS Institution has carved for itself a commendable position in the sphere of education. Today DIPS has a chain of 31 institutes which include one management institute, one polytechnic, one degree college and  B.Ed colleges along with 26 senior secondary and secondary schools, affiliated with C.B.S.E and P.S.E.B. DIPS schools and colleges, studded with the best talented faculty, are so

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