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Sr. No. Subject      Board Type Subjects Download
4 Maths(I-V) CBSE G Assignment(Aug)
5 Maths(VI-X) CBSE G Assignment(Aug)
9 English(I-V) CBSE G Assignment(Aug)
10 S.Sc.(IV-V) CBSE G Assignment(Jul,Aug)
11 Eng.(VI-X) CBSE G Assignment(Aug.)
13 Science CBSE G Assignments(IV-X)
14 S.St CBSE   Assignment(IV-X)
15 Maths CBSE   Assignment(IX)Revised
16 English CBSE   Assignments
17 Science CBSE   Assignments
18 Science CBSE   Assignments(Sep.)




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The chain of DIPS Institution has carved for itself a commendable position in the sphere of education. Today DIPS has a chain of 31 institutes which include one management institute, one polytechnic, one degree college and  B.Ed colleges along with 26 senior secondary and secondary schools, affiliated with C.B.S.E and P.S.E.B. DIPS schools and colleges, studded with the best talented faculty, are so

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